This is a space where I’ll share my thoughts on the academic work that I’m doing, have done, or have encountered. The actual academic work that I do will be posted on another website that I’ll be working on over the next few months. So, this is the place where I’ll post more informal stuff.


Doing a PhD: Keeping it Simple (29.05.2017)

The final post in the series, with tips relating to seeking simple solutions, avoiding SEM (unless you meet key criteria), focusing on your main analyses, and clearing the decks at the end.


Doing a PhD: Time, Money, and Location (25.05.2017)

The penultimate post in this series focuses on contextual factors, and particularly being critical about external work, reserving time for research, saving money, and living near your institution.


Doing a PhD: Organising Yourself (24.05.2017)

With a plan at the outset, academic engagement, and reading and writing done, the next step is getting organised. Specifically, setting realistic goals, working the hours (not nine-to-five), and not being a Soviet bureaucrat.


Doing a PhD: Reading and Writing (23.05.2017)

My third set of tips for completing a PhD relates to a pretty obvious area, and the post advises on the type of PhD you could do, the frequency of reading and writing, being critical about the former, and writing for lots of outlets.


Doing a PhD: Engaging with Academia (posted on 22.05.2017)

Second up, after preparing at the outset, is tips on getting a taste of the acacemic world; namely, deciding on your career, going to conferences, seeking criticism, and getting teaching experience.


Doing a PhD: At the Outset (posted on 21.05.2017)

First in a series of posts offering the tips that I’d give myself if I could go back to the beginning of my PhD research: this post covers knowing your motivation, not being complacent, and having an end date.




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