The Many Factors in Brexit (posted on 29.06.2017)

Just over a year on from the EU referendum, here’s my take on the many factors that led to that unexpected (by many) outcome.


2016-06-28 Cameron and CorbynWhy D.C. and J.C. Should Remain Party Leaders (posted on 28.06.2016)

In light of the problems stemming from the Brexit vote, here I provide three reasons each why David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn should stay.


2016-06-23 EU ReferendumPositive Principle, Destructive Discourse (posted on 23.06.2016)

Here’s what I thought about the EU Referendum a month ago; let’s see whether it stands the test of the results.


2016-05-05 City Hall LondonOn Materials, Khan Should Beat Goldsmith (posted on 05.05.2016)

I’ve had a limited sample of materials from the two leading candidates for London Mayor, and they lead me to argue that Khan deserves to beat Goldsmith.


2016-01-17 Polling MissThe Polling Inquiry and a Public Good (posted on 30.04.2016)

It’s one year on from the general election polling miss, local and devolved elections are just around the corner, and there’s a referendum on the horizon, so we’re due lots of polling. As such, now seems like a good time to publish my report of the launch of the Polling Inquiry findings, plus my thoughts on the purpose of polling, which can be read here.


2016-04-14 EU ReferendumTwo MPs’ Views on Public Political Engagement (posted on 14.04.2016)

Complementing the more descriptive report on the launch (below) of the 2015 Audit of Political Engagement, here‘s my view of the responses given to it by the two MPs who were present.


2016-04-14 Hansard SocietyLaunch of the 2015 Audit of Political Engagement (posted on 14.04.2016)

For those of you who are interested but couldn’t attend the event, here‘s a pretty lengthy report on the Hansard Society’s launch of their 2015 Audit of Political Engagement.


2016-04-09 Personal Independence PaymentOn A Relative’s Benefits Tribunal (posted on 09.04.2016)

With the recent events surrounding the budget, IDS’s resignation, and disability benefits, here I write about a close relative’s experience.


2016-01-17 Polling MissThe Cathie Marsh Lecture on the Polling Miss (posted on 17.01.2016)

With the forthcoming release of the polling inquiry it seems like a good time to report on what the chair of that inquiry had to say about polling and survey research when he delivered the annual Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture last November. Click here for the full post, in which I also comment on the importance of this issue and its  implications.


2015-01-19 Green Party LogoWill the Green Surge Translate into Votes in May? (posted on 16.01.2015)

In this short post for Comment is Free I consider whether the recent surge in Green membership will boost support in the general election. I conclude that this is not guaranteed but the increased membership is still a good thing for the party. This is not least, as I overlooked to say in the post, because it provides a big boost for the party’s coffers during an election campaign.


2015-01-12 Gang StarrSoliloquy of Chaos (posted on 12.01.2015)

In this post on Bright Green I argue that the hip hop music of the Golden Age can be seen as political poetry that is by turn powerful, funny, and ingenious. Click here for the full post.


2014-09-17 Green Yes TardisIt’s as Good as Everyone Says (posted on 17.09.2014)

I was lucky enough to be able to join the ‘Green Yes’ campaign in Edinburgh on Monday, an experience that was as ace as expected. Here I outline the highlights of my day as part of something incredibly positive.


2014-09-17 Green Yes BadgesWhy I’m Supporting Scottish Independence (posted on 17.09.2014)

On the eve of the referendum I argue that Scottish independence could have a positive impact on national identity and nationalism, the Scottish economy, politics in the rest of the UK, and our constitutional setup.  I conclude that this is too good an opportunity to miss.


BRITAIN-POLITICS-VOTENext Year Nigel: UKIP’s General Election Prospects (posted on 16.08.2014)

I argue here that, in an unpredictable general election, UKIP will be lucky to get an MP but that the threat of split votes has already achieved their goal of pushing policy positions on the EU and immigration to the right.


2014-06-10 Jacob Rees-MoggJacob Rees-Mogg: Can this Affable English Gent be Trusted on Scottish Devolution?(posted on 10.06.2014)

Channel 4 News sent JRM to Scotland to argue for the Union. Here I argue that this is an interesting illustration of the importance of trust in politics.


Votes Sh2014-05-26 Votes Should be Interpreted not Judgedould be Interpreted not Judged (posted on 26.05.2014)

As a count assistant I encountered some unnecessary judgement of voters by candidates. Here I outline why they should be frustrated with voting as a flawed means of communication, rather than with voters’ messages.


2014-10-24 Re The ZineDemocracy Must be Open to the Less Privileged (posted on 13.03.2013)

In this post for Re the zine I argue that politicians should stop focusing on educating the population and, instead, look at what they could change about themselves to make politics more open to all.



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