2016-04-30 Bored of Game of ThronesWhy I’m Not Watching Game of Thrones (posted on 30.04.2015)

Stone the crows, I’m so bored of it. And here are seven reasons why (OK, they all count as one reason really).


2015-04-06 Two Days One NightLong Overdue Review: Two Days, One Night (posted on 06.04.2015)

The Dardenne brother’s film about a woman fighting for her job is an intense portrayal of a personal emotional journey and a potent critique of the power relationship between employer and employee(s). The full review is here.


2014-09-27 JoeJoe (posted on 27.09.2014)

David Gordon Green’s film gives us characters to root for and some great performances but feels too much like a laboured commentary to be fully convincing. As such, I argue here that there are more well-rounded offerings.


2014-07-03 The Wind RisesThe Wind Rises (posted on 03.07.2014)

Studio Ghibli’s portrayal of the life of a famed WWII aircraft designer is stunningly animated and gripping from beginning to end. The central character’s commitment to creativity at any cost is morally questionable but, as I conclude here, this is a thought provoking experience.


Calv2014-05-10 Calvaryary (posted on 10.05.2014)

John Michael McDonagh’s second directorial outing is a superbly balanced contemplation of some big issues, with an excellent central performance by Brendan Gleeson, and a bloody good story to boot. The full review is here.


 The DoubleThe Double (posted on 07.05.2014)

Richard Ayoade’s second feature film shares themes with his first, and is solidly made, but telling the story seems secondary to making a point. For the full review click here.


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