Hip-Hop Friday (02.06.2017)

‘I shine and rhyme at the same time / The mastermind of the sport called the rhyme’: Main Source – Fakin’ the Funk.


Track of the Week (29.05.2017)

I bloody love big beat, and this thumper from its heyday is an excellent example of the form: Lionrock – Rude Boy Rock.


Hip-Hop Friday (posted on 25.05.2017)

The only hip-hop track that samples Big Ben? Great beat, superb mixing, ace lyrics, and a spot on message: De La Soul – Say No Go (Say No Dope Mix).


Track of the Week (posted on 21.05.2017)

Starting a series of tracks that got me through my thesis, starting with my favourite artist: Nina Simone – Gimme a Pigfoot (and a Bottle of Beer).


2016-05-06 ZhiggeHip-Hop Friday (posted on 06.05.2015)

OK, so I’m also, as always, on an early-nineties hip-hop trip today as well, and I challenge  you to find something more upbeat than this. ‘Roll call!’: Zhigge – Toss It Up.


2016-05-06 Happy MondaysTrack of the Week (posted on 06.05.2015)

I’m on a early-nineties rock trip today, and this is a fine example indeed: Happy Mondays – Step On.


2014-07-29 Public EnemyHip-Hop Friday (posted on 15.04.2016)

Flava Flav goes to town. The result? ‘This is that fly shit, the do or die shit’: Public Enemy – Shake Your Booty.


2016-04-15 BellerucheTrack of the Week (posted on 15.04.2016)

Oh dear, is it really almost ten years since this album came out? I’m getting old. Still, this is darn good, and you should check out the original too: Belleruche – Minor Swing.


2015-10-02 The PharcydeHip-Hop Friday (posted on 01.04.2016)

This is certainly an example of a hip-hop track being (far) greater than the sum of its samples: The Pharcyde – Runnin’.


2014-09-17 JJ CaleTrack of the Week (posted on 01.04.2016)

Time for the second outing from this legend, and here’s my favourite of his tracks: J.J. Cale – What Do You Expect.


2016-03-11 Flight of the ConchordsHip-Hop Friday (posted on 11.03.2016)

‘There’s too many mother *uckers, *uckin’ with my shiii*. With my shiii*. How many mother *uckers? Too many to count, mother *uckers.’ Everybody come on: Flight of the Conchords – Mother *uckers.


2016-03-11 David BowieTrack of the Week (posted on 11.03.2016)

This is bordering on funk and, however you choose to categorise it, it’s darn good: David Bowie – Golden Years.


2016-02-12 Nice and SmoothHip-Hop Friday (posted on 12.02.2016)

After a three month break I pick up where I left off; with a pretty darn upbeat track. I’m the real  thing, not like a pretender: Nice & Smooth – Funky For You.


2015-11-04 The CapitolsTrack of the Week (posted on 04.11.2015)

There’s not many more upbeat tracks than this out there. Oh, and jerk refers to a dance: The Capitols – Cool Jerk.


2015-10-22 Ice-THip-Hop Friday (posted on 22.10.2015)

When I tried to write happy / Yo I knew I lied, I lived a life of crime: Ice-T – O.G. Original Gangster.


2014-06-09 Nina SimoneTrack of the Week (posted on 05.10.2015)

A welcome return for my favourite artist. A beer sounds good but I’ll give the pigfoot a miss thanks: Nina Simone – Gimme a Pigfoot (and a Bottle of Beer).


2015-10-02 The PharcydeHip-Hop Friday (posted on 02.10.2015)

One of the finest music videos of all time (courtesy of Spike Jonze) and, naturally, a superb track: The Pharcyde – Drop.


2015-08-31 Quantic Soul OrchestraTrack of the Week (posted on 31.08.2015)

It’s a bit of a miserable bank holiday Monday as far as the weather goes. This’ll cheer you up though: Quantic Soul Orchestra – Babarabatiri.


2014-10-24 JazzmatazzHip-Hop Friday (posted on 28.08.2015)

As always, superb lyrics with a positive message on top of a fantastic jazzy track: Guru featuring Lucien and Baybe – Lifesaver.


Sly-The-Family-Stone-crioTrack of the Week (posted on 26.08.2015)

A nice bridge between soul, funk, and last week’s Hip-Hop Friday. Different strokes for different folks: Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People.


2015-04-24 Arrested DevelopmentHip-Hop Friday (posted on 21.08.2015)

I’ll give you the excellent single version rather than just the good album version: Arrested Development – People Everyday.


2015-08-17 Marcia GriffithsTrack of the Week (posted on 17.08.2015)

When classic meets brilliant. This makes me happy every time: Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping (Daytoner Edit).


2015-01-23 EPMDHip-Hop Friday (posted on 14.08.2015)

Their second outing, and the title track from their debut album. It’ll make you wiggle and jiggle, like gelatin: EPMD – Strictly Business.


2015-06-23 Chemical BrothersTrack of the Week (posted on 23.06.2015)

The biggest of big beats; this’ll get you going: Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank.


2014-07-29 Public EnemyHip-Hop Friday (posted on 19.06.2015)

Great sample (thanks Shirley) and, as always, excellent lyrics. Pay attention: Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think.


2015-06-19 Ginger Johnson and His African MessengersTrack of the Week (posted on 19.06.2015)

Time for some summer vibes despite the changeable British weather. This is bloody marvelous: Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers – I Jool Omo.


2015-06-12 KRS-OneHip-Hop Friday (posted on 12.06.2015)

A fantastic beat, great lyrics, and a potted biography to boot: KRS-One – Outta Here.


2015-06-12 Bentley Rhythm AceTrack of the Week (posted on 12.06.2015)

A perfect slice of big beat for this week: Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out.


2015-06-05 Young MCHip-Hop Friday (posted on 05.06.2015)

Tough like a bone, sly like Stallone, rockin’ and clockin’ on the microphone: Young MC – Know How.


2015-06-03 Brentford All StarsTrack of the Week (posted on 03.06.2015)

And here’s the brilliant sample that last week’s hip-hop Friday was based on: Brentford All Stars – Greedy G.


2015-05-29 ColdcutHip-Hop Friday (posted on 29.05.2015)

Take something brilliant, polish it, and you end up with this (original sample to follow): Coldcut – That Greedy Beat.


Sly-The-Family-Stone-crioTrack of the Week (posted on 26.05.2015)

Quintessential funk time, with special praise going to Mr. Graham for that bass: Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).


2015-05-22 UMCsHip-Hop Friday (posted on 22.05.2015)

They are not the Ultramagnetic MCs! Turn the volume up for this track, from a fantastic album: The UMC’s – Jive Talk.


2015-05-04 Larry Jon WilsonTrack of the Week (posted on 04.05.2015)

‘Can you help me put an ending, to the ten-cent life I’ve been spending’. Brilliant: Larry Jon Wilson – Sheldon Churchyard.


2015-05-04 Positive KHip-Hop Friday (posted on 04.05.2015)

Apparently, having a nice car makes one attractive to the opposite sex. Life goal defined: Positive K – Carhoppers.


2015-04-29 Dr JohnTrack of the Week (posted on 29.04.2015)

A fantastic mix of funk, soul, swamp rock, blues, jazz, and a bit of everything else: Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time.


2015-04-24 Arrested DevelopmentHip-Hop Friday (posted on 24.04.2015)

An excellent early-nineties track this week, with references to family loss and black history: Arrested Development – Tennessee.


2015-04-22 Stevie WonderTrack of the Week (posted on 22.04.2015)

Had this knocking around in my head for about a day now. Number three on my list of top tracks by this living legend: Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground.


2015-04-17 AceyaloneHip-Hop Friday (posted on 17.04.2015)

Something a little more contemporary this week. Not sure about the video but the track is great: Aceyalone – Leanin’ on Slick.


2015-04-13 Shirley Bassey and PropellerheadsTrack of the Week (posted on 13.04.2015)

One of the all-time great Bond themes, remixed by one of my favourite bands: Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger (Propellerheads Remix).


2015-04-13 NWAHip-Hop Friday (posted on 13.04.2015)

We had Ice Cube a few weeks ago so it’s time for this definitive classic. Moving like  a tortoise, full of rigor mortis: N.W.A. – Express Yourself.


2015-04-06 King CurtisTrack of the Week (posted on 04.04.2015)

We’ve already had J.J. Cale’s introduction of instruments track and this is up there with it as the definitive example: King Curtis – Memphis Soul Stew.


2015-04-04 The FugeesHip-Hop Friday (posted on 04.04.2015)

The album is obviously jam packed with classics, but this is my favourite. And for you biting zealots, your raps are cacophonic: The Fugees – Zealots.


2015-03-31 The WiseguysTrack of the Week (posted on 31.03.2015)

Some classic nineties big beat this week. I’ve gone with the most feel-good track from the album: The Wiseguys – Caribbean Breeze.


2015-03-31 The Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyHip-Hop Friday (posted on 31.03.2015)

Recently introduced to new stuff by a friend of a friend. Thanks to them for this: The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Television, The Drug of a Nation.


2015-03-23 The Beach BoysTrack of the Week (posted on 23.03.2015)

Rewatched Three Kings last night; excellent film. Great soundtrack too, so: The Beach Boys – I Get Around.


2015-03-20 Ice CubeHip-Hop Friday (posted on 20.03.2015)

Something a bit more aggressive this week, and understandably so if you listen to the content: Ice Cube – The Predator.


2015-03-16 T. RexTrack of the Week (posted on 16.03.2015)

I was cycling to work when this came on and I thought ‘why the hell hasn’t this been a track of the week?!’ True story. T. Rex – Thunderwing.


2015-03-13 StezoHip-Hop Friday (posted on 13.03.2015)

Thanks to Alex, Rob, and Anna for this one. Altogether, it adds up to dopeness: Stezo – Bring the Horns.


2015-03-09 Lamont DozierTrack of the Week (posted on 09.03.2015)

I challenge you not to turn up the volume for this; the perfect balance of beat, bassline, and piano: Lamont Dozier – Going Back to My Roots.


2015-03-09 DJ Nu-MarkHip-Hop Friday (posted on 09.03.2015)

This guy knows how to choose samples. Masterful: DJ Nu-Mark featuring A Skillz – The Fever.


2015-03-04 Shuggie OtisTrack of the Week (posted on 04.03.2015)

A feel good track if ever I heard one; it brings a smile to my face every time: Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23.


2015-02-27 Lord Finesse and DJ Mike SmoothHip-Hop Friday (posted on 27.02.2015)

With a heavy assist from the Godfather of Soul. Turn up the radio, better yet the phonograph: Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth – Bad Mutha.


2015-01-18 Alice RussellTrack of the Week (posted on 27.02.2015)

The final instalment of Ms. Russell for now, in a very long titled collaboration: TM Juke and the Jack Baker Trio featuring Alice Russell – Spread It On.


2015-02-20 Showbiz and AGHip-Hop Friday (posted on 20.02.2015)

I love hip-hop, not rock and roll: Showbiz and A.G. – Soul Clap. (P.S. I actually quite like rock and roll.)


2015-01-18 Alice RussellTrack of the Week (posted on 16.02.2015)

I said there’d be more Alice Russell, and here she is on a Mr. Scruff track. What could be better? Mr. Scruff featuring Alice Russell – Music Takes Me Up.


2015-02-13 King BeeHip-Hop Friday (posted on 13.02.2015)

The only Dutch hip hop group I know of. An early nineties classic based on a great Herbie Hancock sample: King Bee – Back By Dope Demand.


2015-02-09 Vicki AndersonTrack of the Week (posted on 09.02.2015)

A great message, powerful vocals, and marvelous honky tonk piano accompaniment: Vicki Anderson – Message from the Soul Sisters.


2014-09-08 Jurassic 5Hip-Hop Friday (posted on 06.02.2015)

An instrumental number this week, featuring some fine sampling and mixing. It’s from their best album too: Jurassic 5 – Swing Set.


2015-02-03 Nightmares on WaxTrack of the Week (posted on 03.02.2015)

Got to work late into the night? This’ll keep you going, and make you happy at the same time: Nightmares on Wax – Now Is The Time.


2014-07-09 Erik B and RakimHip-Hop Friday (posted on 30.01.2015)

Perhaps heir most famous track, and certainly one of the most famous uses of a sample. And it’s a great one: Eric B. & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul.


2015-01-27 Billy PaulTrack of the Week (posted on 27.01.2015)

As promised, the inspiration for the Schoolly D track I posted for hip-hop Friday a few weeks ago: Billy Paul – Am I Black Enough For You?


2015-01-23 EPMDHip-Hop Friday (posted on 23.01.2015)

I’m sure Erick and Parrish did make some dollars from this, especially since they shock like lightning. Must buy an album: EPMD – Let the Funk Flow.


2015-01-18 Alice Russell

Track of the Week (posted 18.01.2015)

One of the finest voices in contemporary soul music. Here’s my favourite solo track; collaborations will follow: Alice Russell – High Up on the Hook.


2015-01-18 Del that Funkee HomosapienHip-Hop Friday (posted on 18.01.2015)

This is so catchy that I can still listen to it on loop and not get tired of it: Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Mistadobalina.


2014-10-27 James BrownTrack of the Week (posted on 13.01.2015)

The Godfather of Soul’s second outing here; I got this album for Christmas and it’s ace: James Brown – The Payback.


2014-09-25 Beastie BoysHip-Hop Friday (posted on 13.01.2015)

The first hip-hop Friday of 2015 is the second track on here by these legends. Name all the celebrity cameos: Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise.


2014-12-16 RodriguezTrack of the Week (posted on 16.12.2014)

Another one with a solid documentary associated with it. The music’s the star of the film though: Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind.


2014-12-13 Goldie Lookin ChainHip-Hop Friday (posted on 13.12.2014)

Time for something a bit more ridiculous. Still great though, not least due to hilarity: Goldie Lookin Chain – Guns Don’t Kill People.


2014-12-09 Perry ComoTrack of the Week (posted on 09.12.2014)

Just saw Elf for the first time (at the ever-reliable Prince Charles Cinema) last night, in which light: Perry Como – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.


2014-12-05 When We Were KingsHip-Hop Friday (posted on 05.12.2014)

A great array of artists on a superb track from the soundtrack to an ace film: Fugees ft. A Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhymes – Rumble In The Jungle.


2014-12-02 Lack of AfroTrack of the Week (posted on 02.12.2014)

The latest album has some highs and lows, with this track falling squarely in the former category: Lack of Afro – One For the Trouble.


2014-12-02 Dilated PeoplesHip-Hop Friday (posted on 02.12.2014)

Hardcore reporters with orders from headquarters: Dilated Peoples – Proper Propaganda.


2014-11-17 QuanticTrack of the Week (posted on 17.11.2014)

My favourite track on my favourite album by my second-favourite artist. Wait for it to break: Quantic – Life in the Rain.


2014-11-17 Naughty By NatureHip-Hop Friday (posted on 17.11.2014)

We’re going pretty darn famous this week. And rightly so, because it’s damn good: Naughty By Nature – O.P.P.


2014-11-17 Kocani OrkestarTrack of the Week (posted on 17.11.2014)

This week it’s sSome wonderful clarinet and brass playing from Macedonia: Kočani Orkestar – Papigo.


2014-11-08 Schoolly DHip-Hop Friday (posted on 08.11.2014)

Check out the fascinating documentary by the same name. The soul track that links the two will follow: Schoolly D – Am I Black Enough For You?


2014-11-08 Oscar PetersonTrack of the Week (posted on 08.11.2014)

Time of a bit more jazz, and probably my favourite pianist in the genre (with Brubeck, Basie, and Monk): Oscar Peterson – Night Train.


2014-10-31 Ice-THip-Hop Friday (posted on 31.10.2014)

Time to go back to the eighties for some silk shirts and leather suits: Ice-T – High Rollers.


2014-10-27 James BrownTrack of the Week (posted on 27.10.2014)

A beautiful and powerful piece of poetry: James Brown – King Heroin.


2014-10-24 JazzmatazzHip-Hop Friday (posted on 24.10.2014)

This is one of my favourites, and the Jazzmatazz project was an admirable one: Guru featuring MC Solaar – Le Bien, Le Mal.


2014-10-20 Led ZeppelinTrack of the Week (posted 20.10.2014)

There’s been a tragically poor showing by skinny white dudes with big hair so far. Time to rectify that: Led Zeppelin – Ramble On.


2014-05-30 A Tribe Called QuestHip-Hop Friday (posted on 20.10.2014)

I have to see the movie by the same name as the album that this is from: A Tribe Called Quest – Jam.


2014-10-14 Bill WithersTrack of the Week (posted on 14.10.2014)

‘If you’re like me you’ll remember it like anybody remembers any war: one big drag.’ Bill Withers – I Can’t Write Left Handed.


2014-10-04 De La SoulHip-Hop Friday (posted on 04.10.2014)

What the actual hell have I been playing at? No De La Soul until now?! Time to rectify that: De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey).


2014-09-29 Gwen McCraeTrack of the Week (posted on 29.09.2014)

Fantastic strings and a great bassline, complemented by a wonderfully soulful voice: Gwen McCrae – 90% of Me is You.


2014-09-25 Beastie Boys

Hip-Hop Friday (posted on 25.09.2014)

An absolute bona fide 100% classic. Everything I do is funky like Lee Dorsey: Beastie Boys – Sure Shot.


2014-09-22 George McCraeTrack of the Week (posted on 22.09.2014)

Great contrast between an ace bass and a smooth voice; it really is lifting: George McCrae – I Get Lifted.


2014-09-21 KMDHip-Hop Friday (posted on 21.09.2014)

The album should really be listened to in its entirety, but this is still ace on its own: K.M.D. – Gasface Refill.


2014-09-17 JJ CaleTrack of the Week (posted on 17.09.2014)

Presumably this isn’t the same Mama as the one from the last Hip-Hop Friday, but who knows: J.J. Cale – Mama Don’t.


2014-05-16 LL Cool JHip-Hop Friday (posted on 17.09.2014)

A second outing for James. Don’t call it a comeback though, he’s been here for years: LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out.


2014-09-11 Camille YarbroughTrack of the Week (posted on 11.09.2014)

Now where have I heard this before? Fatboy Slim is good but this is better: Camille Yarbrough – Take Yo’ Praise.


2014-09-08 Jurassic 5Hip-Hop Friday (posted on 08.09.2014)

Time for the band that got me into hip-hop; something from the less favoured third album but still a classic: Jurrasic 5 – Freedom.


2014-08-25 BeethovenTrack of the Week (posted on 25.08.2014)

The Czech Philarmonic Orchestra were excellent at Prom 50 but Haitink conducted my favourite version: Beethoven – Symphony No. 7, II Allegretto.


2014-08-25 DJ formatHip-Hop Friday (posted on 25.08.2014)

Sometimes you need a funny hip-hop track, especially if it includes the illest lyric ever written in the history of fingers: DJ Format – Separated at Birth.


2014-08-18 Count BasieTrack of the Week (posted on 18.08.2014)

Something swinging for a Monday morning! Happy working week: Count Basie – Hang on Sloopy.


2014-08-15 Jungle BrothersHip-Hop Friday (posted on 15.08.2014)

A wonderfully upbeat track courtesy of the Native Tongues: Jungle Brothers – Doin’ Our Own Dang.


2014-08-04 Ennio MorriconeTrack of the Week (posted on 04.08.2014)

A brilliantly evocative film composition; if you haven’t already, you should watch the movie: Ennio Morricone – Man with a Harmonica.


Hip-Ho2014-08-03 Monie Lovep Friday (posted on 03.08.2014)

The only British member of Native Tongues, which alone deserves a track on here. It’s a great track too: Monie Love – It’s a Shame (My Sister).


Trac2014-06-30 Ugly Ducklingk of the Week (posted on 29.07.2014)

This really is my track of the moment, keeping me going through some pretty boring (yet stressful) work: Ugly Duckling – Einstein Buys a Monkey.


Hip-2014-07-29 Public EnemyHop Friday (posted on 29.07.2014)

Political hip-hop at its finest, and this group is long overdue. Bass in your face: Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It


Trac2014-07-15 Thurston Harrisk of the Week (posted on 15.07.2014)

If only the rest of the fifties had been this perfect (not that I was there): Thurston Harris – Little Bitty Pretty One.


2014-07-13 Pete Rock and CL Smooth

Hip-Hop Friday (posted on 13.07.2014)

Shouldn’t have gone so long without something by this East Coast duo. From their best album: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – I Get Physical.


Track 2014-07-09 Alabama 3of the Week (posted on 09.07.2014)

Awesome track in its own right but, crucially, also the theme tune to the best TV show of all time: Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning.


Hip2014-07-09 Erik B and Rakim-Hop Friday (posted on 09.07.2014)

Great track, superb remix: Eric B. & Rakim – Paid in Full (Coldcut Remix).


Track 2014-06-30 Ry Cooderof the Week (posted on 30.06.2014)

The supreme tragicomic track. I love this from the bottom of my heart: Ry Cooder – Nobody.


Hip2014-06-30 Ugly Duckling-Hop Friday (posted on 30.06.2014)

More lighthearted this week, but also a homage to last week’s artist. Check out the awesome impression of HRH: Ugly Duckling – Eye on the Gold Chain.


Trac2014-06-23 The Herbaliserk of the Week (posted on 23.06.2014)

Great beats and superb samples (can you name all the films that are quoted?): The Herbaliser – Real Killer Pt.2.


Hip-2014-06-16 Gang StarrHop Friday (posted on 20.06.2014)

It’s such a great album, in fact, that I’m posting from it for two weeks in a row: Gang Starr – Soliloquy of Chaos.


Track2014-06-18 Penguin Cafe Orchestra of the Week (posted on 18.06.2014)

One of the tracks that makes me stop what I’m doing and just listen: Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile.


Hip-Ho2014-06-16 Gang Starrp Friday (posted on 16.06.2014)

From one of the greatest ever hip-hop albums. Gettin’ kinda fat like a big huge sumo: Gang Starr – Much Too Much.


Trac2014-06-09 Nina Simonek of the Week (posted on 09.06.2014)

It’s about time for the finest track from my favourite album of all time: Nina Simone – Love Me or Leave Me.


Hip-2014-06-06 StetsasonicHop Friday (posted on 06.06.2014)

This jazz retains a new format: Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz.


Track2014-06-02 Buckshot LeFonque of the Week (posted on 02.06.2014)

Out of respect for Maya Angelou: Buckshot LeFonque – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.


Hip-Ho2014-05-30 A Tribe Called Questp Friday (posted on 30.05.2014)

Well excuse me, I gotta’ add my two cents in: A Tribe Called Quest – Show Business. Great beat and brilliant lyrics.


Track2014-05-26 America of the Week (posted on 26.05.2014)

A slightly more downbeat note this week, but wonderful nonetheless: America – A Horse with No Name.


2014-05-16 LL Cool JHip-Hop Friday (posted on 16.05.2014)

I don’t know if ladies really do love him, but this is on the money: LL Cool J – The Boomin System.


Tra2014-05-15 Betty Harrisck of the Week (posted on 15.05.2014)

A fine example of sixties soul at its best: Betty Harris – Mean Man.


Hip-Hop2014-05-09 Grandmaster Caz Friday (posted on 09.05.2014)

I’d pay to go on his tour of NYC: Grandmaster Caz – I’m a Legend.


TraYoung-Holt Unlimitedck of the Week (posted on 07.05.2014)

A delightful slice of upbeat sixties jazz: Young-Holt Unlimited – Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy.





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