2015-09-29 Regius ProfessorshipThe Reluctant Europeans (posted on 29.09.2015)

Prof. David Sanders gives an illuminating lecture on Britain’s eurosceptic disposition, relevant to the prospective referendum. Watch the video here.


2014-09-25 Cleese Barker and Corbett on ClassThe Class Sketch (posted on 25.09.2014)

A brilliant blend of social commentary and comedy, and it’s succinct too. Watch the video (on the BBC website) here.


2014-05-26 UKIP LogoUKIP and the Left Behind (posted on 26.05.2014)

Countering common assumptions UKIP may attract traditional Labour as well as disaffected Conservative votes. Watch the video here.


2014-05-26 Nudge UnitCathie Marsh Memorial Lecture (posted on 26.05.2014)

A fascinating lecture and debate on the usefulness of randomized controlled trials in evaluating social policy. Click here to watch the video.


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